DNCE is one of my favorite artists. Why? Their guitarist is the ultimate girl crush from South Korea (@JinJoo진주), their songs are total summer boppers, and Joe Jonas may or may not be my favorite Jonas Brother. So when Sara & I were invited to the VMA Pre-Show this past Friday (featuring Noah Cyrus, Bebe … More DNCE DNCE Baby

Seoul Street Style (서울 스트리트 스타일) 

I came across photographer 이경준 (Lee Kyungjun) on Instagram (@l.k.j) a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since. He’s based in Seoul and photographs mainly urban patterns; the angles of each and every one of his photos really captivates the eye. I want to say he uses a drone, but maybe it’s just … More Seoul Street Style (서울 스트리트 스타일) 

Seoul Searching

I spent this past summer studying abroad at Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교) in Seoul, South Korea. It was only my second time in Korea; I cherish every single day I spent there. As a Korean-American, the lines were blurry: I wasn’t Korean enough to be Korean, yet I wasn’t foreign enough to, well, not be Korean. … More Seoul Searching