Sneaky Sneaky

In the 6th grade, I remember begging my mom to take me to the mall so I could buy a pair of turquoise and white DC Sneakers. While this isn’t my greatest fashion moment, I do appreciate the oh so perilous journey the sneaker has trekked (pun intended) in the past decade. As the infamous … More Sneaky Sneaky

Seoul Street Style (서울 스트리트 스타일) 

I came across photographer 이경준 (Lee Kyungjun) on Instagram (@l.k.j) a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since. He’s based in Seoul and photographs mainly urban patterns; the angles of each and every one of his photos really captivates the eye. I want to say he uses a drone, but maybe it’s just … More Seoul Street Style (서울 스트리트 스타일) 

20/20 vision

It’s the big 2-0 😉 My friends and I celebrated my birthday with brunch on Rodeo Drive. Since my birthday happens to fall in the month of finals and moving-out, we didn’t have much time to spend together. However, just sharing a meal with my closest gal-pals was more than enough for me! I’m a … More 20/20 vision

Banquet Blues

I never fully understood the glory of banquets until I became a college student (for those not in college, allow me to break it down for you): Banquets = a) free food (and REALLY high quality food to say the least) b) the nicest you will see all of your friends dressed up, like, ever … More Banquet Blues

FAST & Furious

Less than 24 hours before FAST’s annual runway show, a model dropped out. Needless to say our team was in full-work mode, attempting to control any last-minute situations. FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) is UCLA’s first and only fashion club, and hosts an annual runway show each year. The show is comprised of both student … More FAST & Furious