Blind Dating

My friends at SEOULA TV asked me to take part in their new web series Seoula-ting (a play on the Korean word Sogaeting (소개팅), which means blind dating.) As cringe as this experience was, I definitely had a lot of fun filming it. Check out the full episode below:



WoOOah We’re Halfway there

With less than 5 weeks of Spring Quarter (and 5 weeks until the end of my junior year!!!!) I figured it was time to sit down and reflect on the past few weeks. Not only is my quarter halfway done, but the year is (almost) halfway through. Crazy, huh?

Halfway points are kinda weird – whether it be academic calendars, years, or TV series – they’re always a little bittersweet. The whole “you have the same (or less) amount of time left as you started”? Bizarre. (But hey, life is transient, right?) At the same time, it always motivates me to really think clearly about my past actions and try to be as intentional as possible with whatever remains.

So, here’s a list of things I’ve learned (and re-learned) in the past 5 weeks:

  1. Sometimes, situations happen that are completely out of your control. However, you DO have control in choosing how to react to those situations. And oftentimes, the way you react will be more important than the situation itself.
  2. Patience is one of the hardest traits to have. But with practice, it gets easier.
  3. In retrospect, many things seem easier than they actually were. Don’t invalidate your feelings or accomplishments because they were in the past.
  4. Do not underestimate the power of God’s timing. It’s very real.

And as a bonus: 5. It is better to scratch your car by hitting a pole than hitting another car. (This is a very hypothetical situation, I totally did not scratch my new car within the first 2 months of getting it, right?)

So cheers to making it halfway through the quarter (and almost halfway through 2018). Here’s to almost being done with school, the end of the worst allergy szn in the history of LA, and endlessly warm summer nights.


Wannabe Student Athelte

Athleisure. The only thing slightly related to exercise that I enjoy (ha ha). In all seriousness, a recent Business Insider article claimed that the return of denim’s popularity would banish athleisure to societal death. But I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact, the return of denim may allow for the intersection of both denim and athleisure, perhaps trying to combine the fabric and hues of denim with the fit and flexibility of athletic-wear. Do I mean denim sweatpants? Absolutely not. But I will never pronounce athleisure dead (or at least not until Bella & Gigi Hadid leave the modeling scene.)

Check out my newest favorite athleisure piece, styled with my current go-to pair of denim:





What I’m Wearing:
Sweatshirt – Shein
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Shoes – Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

Photography by Jonathan Yang



Très Chic

I spent my Spring Break in Paris and was in awe by Parisian fashion, lifestyle, and of course, French baguettes. Exploring this beautiful city was more than enough to revive my love for travel and fashion, particularly how effortlessly chic everything seemed to be. Follow along as I document my travels to my newest favorite city.

My favorite thing about Paris was undoubtedly the narrow streets that could be found in every corner of the city. It’s such a different type of design than the streets of LA.


The museum I was most excited to visit was Musée de l’Orangerie, home to the stunning Monet panels that Monet personally suggested be displayed as a series in two consecutive oval rooms.


As a huge fan of Monet, this was ~breathtaking~ in all aspects and I didn’t want to leave. It also made the Met’s collection of Monet look incredibly weak (lol).


Continuing with museums, Paris has an absolutely ridiculous amount, and the Louvre is the mecca of them all. My brother and I tried to take that classic “look I’m holding the pyramid” picture, but it was way harder than we thought (or maybe my brother is a bad photographer? haha).

We barely scratched the surface, spending only a few hours here, but each corridor is absolutely incredible, lined with art dating back to thousands of years ago.

Of course the Eiffel Tower was also a must-see, and again is one of many locations that felt surreal to look at in person. It was smaller than I imagined but nonetheless I never got tired of looking at it.

Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without visiting 31 Rue Cambon, the flagship Chanel store home to Coco Chanel’s original apartment. The iconic staircase was so cool to see in real life and the perfect way to end my week in Paris.


Au revior,



Winter Quarter at UCLA is one filled with absolute dread. The reason? Maybe it’s the cold weather, the post-holidays slump, or perhaps the ever so publicly-hated daylight savings. But after experiencing this infamous winter quarter (and the slump that comes with it) 3 times, I will be honest when I say it doesn’t get easier as you get older. In fact, I might argue it gets even harder, as the pressure to be on top of everything in your life multiples the closer you are to graduation.

It’s funny because exactly a year ago I wrote a similar post, although I was more optimistic in my approach, jotting down the refreshing sense of hope that Spring Quarter brings. As I was thinking about that post, I tried to remember what I was feeling back then that would make me write that post – what did I experience during last year’s Winter Quarter that made me so excited for the new quarter? What type of slump was I in last year, and what did I face?

I honestly could not remember no matter how hard I tried – I could barely even remember what classes I took that quarter, let alone the emotions and conflicts I was faced with at the time. And then, it hit me. I realized that this was such a tangible example of the very cheesy and tattooed on someone’s arm somewhere saying “with time, all heals.” It’s pretty strange that even the most heart-wrenching situations can become trivial things of the past.

This past quarter was quite the soul-crusher, and at one point I felt like everything in my life that could possibly go wrong was going wrong. And with each week, even each day, I couldn’t see the bigger picture. I was so focused on the current situations that – at the time – there was no end goal; my current self and all the situations I faced felt like they would be permanent, in a forever state of being. But as always, after some inner-self reflections and binge watching an entire Korean drama, I came back to my senses, remembering that current situations do not dictate our future, nor do they define our worth or override our past. It was how I reacted to those situations that determined my mood, rather than the situations themselves. And the most important thing I failed to acknowledge was that in time, all the problems and conflicts and negative feelings I faced would inevitably dissipate, making room for new problems (lol), new feelings, and a brand new slate. Cue Spring Quarter optimism here.

Life is like the quarter system (scary huh)- sometimes it’s spring, other times it’s winter. And sometimes it’s summer break. But in the end, there’s always a change in the system, and that change is what makes life, livable. It wouldn’t be life if we stayed in one quarter for eternity. No matter what, our life will eventually cycle through each quarter, changing even when we don’t want it to. So in order to combat this never ending cycle, it’s crucial we acknowledge the power our reactions to these changes hold. It’s our reactions to these shifts that matters, not the changes themselves.

What’s Black, White, and Red All Over?

A newspaper. A penguin holding a rose. My outfit in the photos below (the red lip counts as red, right?)






Photography by the lovely Miranda M.

What I’m Wearing:
Jumpsuit – Nordstrom
Shoes – Adidas
Leather Jacket – Zara


Blazer Blazin’

I never understood why oversized blazers were a thing, until I actually tried one on. Business yet in touch with your fashion sense, the oversized blazer is a trend I’m (albeit late) all about.





Photography by the lovely Miranda M.

What I’m Wearing:
Jeans – SP Black
Shoes – Vince
Shirt – Topshop
Blazer – Topshop


Hat a Bad Day?

Hats on hats on hats. This year’s trendy Baker Boy hat is no exception. I’m still trying to figure out exactly which occasions I’m supposed to wear this at (going to lecture while wearing this still doesn’t seem right), but much love to this trendy new piece.




Photography by the lovely Miranda M.

What I’m Wearing:
Jeans – SP Black
Shoes – Steve Madden
Shirt – Brandy Melville
Hat – Topshop